Google Adwords search phrase builder

What it does

This is a very simple utility, which helps to combine sets of keywords to create phrases which you can copy and paste to your Google Adwords campaigns. It is designed for Google Adwords, but it may be usefull for other keyword based ad systems as well. It simply:

To get advanced results in less time use this tool in multiple steps. For example:

  1. create generic set in first step
  2. create another one
  3. combine result sets from above to get the final resuls

* NOTE: this may in some cases significantly increase final result set

What it does not

This tool does not create or suggest any keywords or phrases for you, it just combines sets of keywords from your input.

Saving your data

Unless you check „save“ this tool does not save your input.

Each save creates a new unique page. You can not overwrite your previously saved results. It is up to you to bookmark your results, there is no way to dig them out later without knowing the id.

I will most likely be occasionally doing some cleanup. In other words, your saved outputs may not last forever.

Contact the author

I wrote it for my personal needs and it pretty much does everything I need so far. If you are missing any feature try sending me an email, I'll see what I can do.

Comments, bugs, requests, anything to marian [at] meres [dot] sk.


I will appreciate if you could send me a translation of this lang file (ini format) in your language. Thanks in advance for your contribution!


— Marian Meres, © 2007


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